Did You Know........Comments

Congratulations for a terrific and long over-due acknowledgement of some of our "forgotten" pioneers. 

This is such a nice project; Congratulations!  My father was Sexton for Gypsum Hill for 36 years.  Lots of history up there.

Barbara, I was excited to read the articles in the paper and learn that you have accomplished your mission. What a great job you have done and with wonderful help from a variety of sources - the generous donor, the Juneteenth Committee, the Parks Department, the cemetery staff, the Memorial Art people...  Still it took one person to bring the project to completion and that was you. Congratulations.

Just a note to say thank-you for representing Salina's Blacks so knowledgeably and eloquently.  You made us proud?. Great job!

The history of the early folks continues to enlighten us all.

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